Choosing the right tattoo artist

Anybody can undertake a tattoo with the right equipment, but it takes years of training to do it properly, safely, and with a high level of artistic ability. Remember that this is a choice that will stay with you for a life time, and that you deserve to have a top quality tattoo to last you through the years. Tattoo studios are subject to regulations governing issues such as hand-washing facilities, hygiene standards and sterilisation. They are also subject to inspections by local Health Departments. All these factors make going to a professional studio a better choice for your tattoo as you are assured a stringent level of quality.

Questions you should ask yourself when looking at a tattoo studio:

  • Is the premises clean and tidy?
  • Does the premises have a friendly, professional atmosphere?
  • Does the artist use single use latex gloves when tattooing?
  • Does the artist use single use cups for holding the ink?
  • Is there portfolios of the artist's work readily available?
  • Is there an autoclave on site?

All that and more...

At Fox, we are all that and more, we are proud of our longevity and the fact that so many clients refer their friends to us. We are constantly re-educating in areas such as infection control and sterilisation and we perform sterilisation techniques to european standards which are higher than those required in Australia.

On an artistic level, we have a range of artists all capable in many different styles and willing to show you their work, or you can research your artist here on the site and have them design a custom drawing for you. If we don't see your ideas working as a tattoo, we will let you know and advise otherwise.

Consultation process

We also go through a consultation process for most tattoos, excluding small straight forward designs and walk-ins.  A consult is free of charge, needs to be booked in and usually takes about 15 minutes.  You may already know who you would like to be tattooed by or you may be guided to the appropriate artist by us, depending on the style you are after.  At the consult, should you decide to go ahead, you will be expected to pay a booking fee of $50-$100 to secure your first appointment and the same for any consecutive appointments booked in.  Again, depending on the design, you could be expected to pay a drawing fee of $50-$100. Go to the disclaimer page> to view the full terms & conditions on our fee's.

The studio hourly rate is $170, although some artists charge up to $190. per hour.  The size of your design will determine how your tattoo is priced.  Up to a certain size it will be a set price and for larger ongoing work you will pay by the hour.  All this will be agreed to by yourself and the artist prior to commencement.

The minimum price for a Tattoo at Fox Body Art is $120.

Quotes you may have received prior to consultation are just that as there are so many variables to take into consideration as the tattoo evolves.

Thanks for reading & we hope to see you soon!