Anna GK - New Artist

Anna is a full time visual and tattoo artist who is particularly fascinated by insects and sea creatures, Anna loves sculpting organic lines, working on fine line, geometric and angular tattoos as well as large illustrative nature in black & grey.

Anna apprenticed in Washington DC under Chris Mensah at Pinz n Needlez.  Specialising in tattooing darker skin complexions and building an understanding of how to safely work on many skin types.  She guest spots yearly in Califonia, DC and Atlanta.

Anna will be in the studio Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays


We have a youtube channel!!


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Super excited about this, and we have lots of content to share, although we are still learning on that front so it's not getting uploaded as quickly as the inspiration would like, but hey, we would love you to subscribe and watch our channel grow and share your feedback with us.


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Tiny joins us direct from the Philipines.  Tiny is versatile in his tattooing, loves colour and bold designs.

Being new to our city & our studio, he is available for walk-ins and has drawn these skulls up ready to go


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Welcome Rachael


Rachael has been with us since the start of 2017 and we are most pleased to have her as part of the team!


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20 years @foxbodyart

20 Year Anniversary

Celebrating 20 years @foxbodyart in 2017 👊